Freedom from the Known

Completion of Soul Circuitry

n ancient Mystery Schools, neophytes would arrive at a point in their training where they would present themselves as candidates for their final initiation(s). The training that neophytes underwent were arduous, dangerous, and life-threatening. and it might take many lifetimes to build their light bodies enough to be considered.

In all cultures and civilizations, recent, ancient, living or extinct, large or small, whether it be the Mystery Schools of Egypt, Lemuria, Atlantis, Mayan, Incan, Summarian, Indigenous traditions, present in all of them was the journey of initiation and mastery, whether it be a shamanic tradition within a tribal context or an entire civilization that was devoted to self-realization. These initiatory rites culminated in students presenting themselves as an Initiatory Candidate for their final trials to demonstrate their mastery, which was always a Life or Death passage. If you did not succeed you dropped your body and returned to non-physical.

The physical journeys of these initiatory rites are a mirror of the inner journey that leads us inwards into self-realization, and it is held in our neural net, the subconscious energy patterns of our nervous systems that are infused into our cells during the process. Completing this circuitry allows the lifetime(s) in question to merge into this Now Moment and the pull that it exerted ceases, allowing you to be fully here in this NOW moment.

Many that are in incarnation now have done one or more of these initiatory trials and did not succeed, and were not able to return and try again, and may feel the “pull” of those lifetimes calling out for completion. This is not about becoming everything Egyptian or Mayan or whomever and returning to that timeline and civilization, it’s about completing the inner circuitry of the initiation itself.

This initiation is embodied in me and offered in service as an opportunity to complete the energetic circuitry.

If you feel called or guided to receive this, you are one of those looking to complete the process. During this transformational passage we’re moving through I will be offering this on September 27th, October 11th, and 25th, and November 8th and 22nd.

The activation will be via Zoom and you will receive the link to the call after you make your energy exchange.

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