Upcoming 2023 Classes & Events

Life is simply incredible in the ways that it comes to us, and it is wonderful to offer new classes this coming year.


David Maria

Why do you stay in PrisonGroup Session - Quantum Wholing
With David Maria

Zoom Call with Donation
Sunday May 21 at 11:00 m Pacific

If you're feeling the distortion of fear, the angst of separation, or any other distortion or programming that is hindering you, working with a group is an incredible opportunity to be free of them and shine, shine, shine.

Having worked with many groups it is very clear how powerfully transformative it can be. The energy field generated by a group working in concert allows each person to go deeper than they might on their own and also makes what each individual is clearing available to the group as a whole.

The next free Quantum Wholing event is open to anyone who wishes to participate, for your donation of at least $1.00.

The session will be via Zoom and you will receive the link to the call when you register.

Last week, I had very heavy energy behind my heart....it was really hard to breath at night and I felt those burdens being lifted up and out too!
Carmen P

The session was amazing Thank You! I am integrating levels of fear...My body was buzzing with fear, I was jumpy and then deeper fear was rising up. My imagination would try to take me on a trip and I was able to see this pattern. Hooray!
Michelle B

The feelings that got fractured were betrayal, abandonment, and my child was forever gone.)In this lifetime I have had multiple opportunities to revisit these again, I have lost a child, had my trust betrayed numerous times. Thank you for helping me to see that the “story” is not the relevant thing, it’s walking through the feeling and allowing it to release.
Linda M

I love how complete and comprehensive the clearing of fear and pain was and filling up with golden light afterwards and feeling these areas absorbing it into all the cells and layers of my energy field.
Carol M

It is a blessing to be of service to you.


Creating & Living in Abundance ~ Balancing the Abudance-Lack BodyFreedom From the Known Monthly Class
Working with Frequency Harmonics and Clearing Distortions in the Spinal Vertebrae
Sunday May 28, at 11:00 am Pacific

The Freedom From the Known course is now being offered as one class on a monthly basis through 2023. Each month a new class will be offered and you will have the opportunity to pay what you can afford, either $33.00, $55.00, or $77.00.

David Maria

We are all always incredibly abundant as the universe flows through us. Yet all of us have a wall where we believe in lack, where there is never enough, not deserving, etc. This week we'll walk into those places and do some deep cleaning and balancing.

We will also work multi-generationally through our familial line, clearing any programs we have ancestrally inherited.

Once the lack cleaning is complete, we'll bring in new abundance codes to fill those old places and anchor and amplify the morphic field with a new cohesive vibration of Abundance.

It is an extremely powerful practice to do to free yourself.

Additional classes will be offered every month on the forth Sunday.

It is a blessing to be of service to you.




NOTE: Any class I offer, except the Freedom From the Known, can be received as a private one-on-one activation for an energy exchange of $222. To schedule a single activation simply book a private session by clicking on the register button below and then tell me what class you wish to receive.


Completion of Soul CircuitryCompletion of Soul Circuitry - Initiation into Egyptian Pantheon
With David Maria

Offered on Request
Online Zoom Call

In ancient Mystery Schools, neophytes would arrive at a point in their trainings where they would present themselves as candidates for their final initiation(s). The trainings that neophytes underwent were arduous, dangerous, and life-threatening. and it might take many lifetimes to build their light bodies enough to be considered as a candidate.

PyramidsIn all cultures and civilizations, recent, ancient, living or extinct, large or small, whether it be the Mystery Schools of Egypt, Lemuria, Atlantis, Mayan, Incan, Summarian, Indigenous traditions, present in all of them was the journey of initiation and mastery, whether it be a shamanic tradition within a tribal context or an entire civilization that was devoted to self-realization. These initiatory rites culminated in students presenting themselves as an Initiatory Candidate for their final trials to demonstrate their mastery, which was always a Life or Death passage. If you did not succeed you dropped your body and returned to non-physical.

The physical journeys of these initiatory rites are a mirror of the inner journey that leads us inwards into self-realization, and it is held in our neural net, the subconscious energy patterns of our nervous systems that are infused into our cells during the process. Completing this circuitry allows the lifetime(s) in question to merge into this Now Moment and the pull that it exerted ceases, allowing you to be fully sent here in this now moment.

Mystery SchoolMany that are in incarnation now have done one or more of these initiatory trials and did not succeed, and were not able to return and try again, and may feel the "pull" of those lifetimes calling out for completion. It's not about becoming everything Egyptian or Mayan or whomever and returning to that timeline and civilization, it's about completing the inner circuitry of the initiation itself.

This initiation is embodied in me and is offered in service as an opportunity to complete the energetic circuitry.

Mystery SchoolIf you feel called or guided to receive this initiation, you are one of those looking to complete the process. This will be the first time that I've publicly offered this.

The activation will be via Zoom.

I don't get nudged very often to receive or participate in sessions with others, but this one came into my field as one that’s aligned with a process I'm “completing”. I had a wonderful experience today and to quote myself afterwards, That was so satisfying, like completing a big cosmic checklist inside.

After this initiation a profound calm, a sense of home coming and one of reconnecting with childlike innocence came into me! I feel more alive and grounded in the body. I've noticed since the initiation, people are listening or hearing me differently. Words and guidance flow smoothly through this calm composure like being connected to an inner knowledge acquired in a previous Egyptian lifetime.

It is a blessing to be of service to all of you.

If you're called to this please the purchase button below to register.

Zoom Conference Call: The energy exchange is $222.00.
To schedule this activation, please contact me and we'll discover a time that works for us.

Please Note a recording of this initiation will not be available

In 2023, I will be offering The Eden Template Activations on a regular basis online via Zoom, and possibly in-person. In most classes, recordings will be provided to relisten to and deepen your connection at your convenience. Each months activation will also incorporate the current energies.

The activations will be offered on the weekends to afford the opportunity for as many people as possible to attend.