No Matter How Broken You Think You are, You're Not!

Remembering who you are as a Soul is not a magic trick.
And it's not a quick fix for your pain, suffering, or financial struggles.

It's Your Birthright!


Freedom from the Known

The Next Freedom From the Known Class Will Begin

October 2, 2021 at 11:00 am Pacific.

The Eden Template: Freedom from the Known is an 10-week, multi-dimensionally transformative course, that reconnects you to your original Soul Template through assisting you to release distortions of fear, pain and lack from your energy field, and guided meditations, designed to open up new neural pathways in your fields, and connect you to Source Consciousness and the field of Beingness.

Lovingly guiding you out of everything that you know, and expertly facilitating your journey into the unlimited possibilities of the unknown, is David Maria, the creator of Freedom from the Known and the Living Embodiment of The Eden Template.


Experience a New Level of Freedom and Unlimited Possibility in Life


None of us awaken in a vacuum all by ourselves. We are all connected and others always come forward during our journey of awakening to provide assistance and guidance just when we need it. This is where Freedom from the Known comes in.

Working closely with a multi-dimensional team within the I AM Presence, David Maria created Freedom from the Known to be experienced in a live, expansive group dynamic.

Joining you in a safe and supportive group environment, will be other like-minded souls, each of whom is committed to clearing out both known and unknown echoes of trauma. Most importantly, like you, they are absolutely ready to experience a new level of freedom and unlimited possibility in life.


The power of the Eden Template activation is really beyond words and needs to be experienced. It is a shamanic, interstellar, cosmic cleanse returning you to crystalline clarity so you can embody your original Soul template! What an incredible gift! David's voice alone is an activation imparting multidimensional healing and alignment. David thank you so much to you and all who brought this gift to Humanity.
I am forever grateful!
Miranda Wills, Radical Reconciliation


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How Do You Know if Freedom from the Known is for You?


Eden Template: Freedom from the Known
In the vastness of the unknown, devoid of fear, you truly live without limits. You cannot access this, or reconnect with the Eden Template inside you, with what you know. For this, you have to move beyond the known.

To accelerate the process of The Eden Template activation within you, David will gently take you into the unknown.

During your journey through the course, you will be guided to remember your direct connection to Source Creator and align your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to finer and finer degrees.

If this experience resonates on a deep, soul level, you already know Freedom from the Known is for you. If, however, you are undecided, you are invited to read the following:


The Eden Templates Freedom from the Known course is for you if:

  • It’s your time to thrive, no matter what is going on in the outside world.
  • You are no longer willing to have your life run by fear and trauma.
  • The unknown scares the bejesus out of you but you’re still ready to leap into it.
  • You’re ready to step out of the limitation of logical-linear thinking and into your Soul mission, as a sovereign, multi-dimensional being.
  • You are ready to transform lack into abundance, where all your needs are easily met, and becomes a top priority in your life.
  • You consider yourself spiritual but have felt unworthy of living an abundant life.
  • You have played small in life out of fear of what others will think or say about you.
  • Taking inspired action on new ideas to embody your Soul’s purpose excites you more than it frightens you.
  • You’re unwilling to compromise on creating a fulfilling, fearless, and abundant life where everything flows naturally and easily.



It's not often in life will you experience a David Maria. He’s a compassionate, clear, and gentle soul. Recently I was fortunate to receive the Eden Template Activation. It's very difficult to describe what happened to me except to say that immediately during and after the transmission I returned to my heart and divine home, lost all fear of death, and watched my old life patterns begin to melt away with the new light I received. Thank you.
Ramsay M


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Freedom from the Known Helps You
Reconnect to Your Original Soul Template
Release the Distortions of Pain, Fear, and Lack in Your Life.


Freedom from the KnownOne of the "core" healings that occurs during the course is healing the trauma of separation from Source, that all of us feel. With centuries of fear-based programming and an unconscious attachment to the fear, pain and lack bodies, most people struggle to survive, with few thriving through knowing who they truly are.

It is never too late to remember. That time, for you, has come.

To help awaken your remembrance of your Soul Template and transform your life to joyous thriving, I created this 10-week group course based on The Eden Template Activations.

In an empowering, encouraging, and safe environment, you will be lovingly guided through a quickening of the Eden Template Activation that assists you in remembering your Soul blueprint. This is not something that I "give" you, it is already yours.

Your Soul blueprint is already a part of you as your birthright, it's just sleeping outside of your conscious awareness. The template is fully integrated and stabilized in me which evokes a resonance within you and assists its quickening in you during the transmission.

As such, Eden is not a place, it is a state of quantum multi-dimensional consciousness where every moment is new and flowing with the exquisite energies of creation.


One week after receiving The Eden Template activation...the inner silence and spaciousness has been profound and deeply healing - a powerful experience of BE-ing. Infinite gratitude for this transmission.
Lorna S



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Now is the Time to Freely Thrive in Unity Consciousness


When the Template, which is like a crystalline seed, is fully awakened, integrated, and stabilized in your heart, you become firmly anchored in its energy and it lives in you as you, and it radiates from you to all of life. In essence, once the Eden Template is fully active within you, you integrate your original Soul Template at the moment of its creation, and it lived in you as you.

You will then be supported in how to stabilize that remembrance in your auric fields, including the body, which is simply another part of your field. This way you can function quantumly without old, trauma programs getting in the way of freely thriving in Unity Consciousness.

Eden Template Freedom From the Known


David Maria is living by example of moving into reconciliation and embodied unity consciousness. He offers an experiential framework for energetic restoration, The Eden Template.
Althea Provost, Thea’s Heart


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4 Steps to Enroll in the Freedom from the Known Course

  1. Click on Register Button.
  2. Make your energy exchange and register on our secure registration page.
  3. After registering, you will receive an email with the following details:
    • Recurring Zoom link for all 10 classes + a BONUS class.
    • All classes will be held on Saturdays at 11:00 am Pacific.
    • Dates & times for all classes.
      1. Week 1:October 2
      2. Week 2: October 9
      3. Week 3: October 16
      4. Week 4: October 23
      5. Week 5: October 30
      6. Week 6: November 6
      7. Week 7: November 13
      8. Week 8: November 20
      9. Week 9: November 27
      10. Week 10: December 4
      11. Week 11: Bonus: December 11
    • Link to join the private FB group.
    • If you do not receive an email within 48-hours please contact David at:

  4. Once you join the private FB group you are encouraged to interact with others in the course.


















What is Included in the Freedom from the Known course?


To help awaken the remembrance of your Soul Template, and transform your life to joyously thriving, I created a 8-week virtual group course based on The Eden Template Activations.

Freedom from the Known includes:

  • 10 (90-minute) LIVE classes & guided journeys *.
  • 1 (90-minute) BONUS class at the conclusion of the 8 weeks.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support, community, and growth.
  • All recordings and weekly Zoom links will be posted in the private Facebook Group.

* All classes are recorded and provided to you within 24-hours of each LIVE class.

Week 1- Eden Template Activation
Level I: Awaken Your Original Soul Blueprint
  • Open the Source connection at the base of the spine
  • Create and stabilize the vertical and horizontal toroidal fields
  • Build an entirely new body of Light

Week 2-Freedom from Fear:
Removing the Distortion of Fear
  • Removing the distortion of fear from the body and energy field.
  • Stabilize the body and energy fields, so it's not in shock once fear has been removed.
  • Once the body and fields are stabilized, we then re-pattern the cells by filling them with the energy of Love, restoring it to its original Soul Template.
Week 3-Freedom from Suffering:
Removing the Pain Body
  • Gain clarity on how the pain body is active in everyone.
  • We will remove the pain body which creates a space inside us for Ease and Grace to flow into our lives.
  • We will do a guided journey to remove, clear the pain body, and bring in new energy to fill its space.


Week 4- Eden Template Level II:
Aligning & Fine-Tuning the Spinall Column
  • The central column, with all of its energy centers, is very complex. We will begin week #4 by aligning and fine-tuning the magnetic of each center to its optimal energy flow.
  • Align the entire column to function as a single cohesive unit instead of individual centers.
  • Balance and then unify both hemispheres of the brain resulting in whole-brainedness, instead of left and right hemispheric functioning.

Week 5-Morphic Resonance:
Creating & Living in Abundance
  • All of us have an energy wall where we believe in lack, where there is never enough, and we have to try and get more, where we're not deserving, etc. This week we'll walk into those places and do some deep cleaning.
  • Once the lack cleaning is complete, we'll bring in new abundance codes to fill those old places.
  • Anchor and amplify the morphic field with a new cohesive vibration of Abundance.

Week 6- Eden Template - Level III:
Working with Frequency Harmonics
  • We live in a symphony of frequencies, some of which are harmonious and some discordant. This week we'll dive deep into vibrational harmony, and how to not get pulled into discordant energies.
  • We'll learn how frequencies work with a focus on how working with harmonic frequencies that can raise the vibration of discordant energies.
  • Discover what it is like living in the incredible symphony of energy that surrounds us, as us.


Week 7- Eden Template - Level IV:
Working with The Original Cell & Codependency
  • The instant you made the decision to come into your first incarnation a single cell was created, your original primal cell.
  • In that cell is the genesis of codependency, that it is necessary to be with another in order to be whole and complete.
  • It is one of the first instances where the state of separation from Source, the Creator, enters into our consciousness.
  • We are complete and whole unto ourselves. There has never been a moment that we have not been One with Source Creator, so we will clear codependency and releases its energy.
Week 8- Eden Template - Level V:
Grace: Opening the Heart in Every Cell
  • As we journey into our embodiment there will come a moment when we will be asked to surrender the physical body. (This does not mean dying,)
  • As part of the surrender, our light body will undergo a major upgrading and our neurous system (neural net) will be cracked open.
  • This can be experienced as painful if we are in resistance to it.
  • Opening to Grace, preprograms in all the cells in the body that this process can be filled with Love and make the transformation as easy as possible.

Week 9- Eden Template - Level VI:
Clearing the Incarnational Stream
  • As we journey into our embodiment all of the time lines that separate our incarnations begin to collapse.
  • Through a guided meditation we will generate the entirety of our incarnational stream and "consciously" collapse the timelines.
  • As the separations between lives collapse all the distortions contained within them are released, which normally have to be felt and resolved by the HUman here in this life.
  • We will then call the Grace of the I AM Presence, which washed over every distortion, permanently clearing them .


Week 10- Eden Template - Level VII:
Living in the Unknown:
Aligning & Expanding the Neural Net
  • Your consciousness (neural net) is vast and boundless, yet most live in a much smaller version of what is possible. In our seventh class, we will be choosing to connect with and live aligned with our Higher Self.
  • We will step waaaaaaaay outside of our comfort zones and travel to realms most have not visited before.
  • When we journey outside of our comfort zones, it stretches our consciousness, and opens us up, aligns, integrates, and anchors our High Self in the physical body, ensuring that we don't return to our old ways of being.
Week 11 BONUS CLASS: Follow up,
Check In, and Best Practices
  • This bonus class is designed for us to come back together and share how the integration process of stepping into the unknown is unfolding and integrating.
  • As each person in the group shares their experiences, it has an energetic resonance that aids everyone in the group.
  • What one of us experiences, all of us have access to. For this reason, everyone is urged to attend the bonus class.
  • Individual One-on-One Session for all attendees.
  • Additional One-on-One sessions at half price if requested.
  • As an attendee, you will be invited to repeat the class if you wish, at a vastly reduced exchange.
  • There is always something new that comes through each class that is unplanned, unknown, andis always a surprise..


David Maria is a unique gift that unleashes the parts of you that are ready to be active and integrated in your life. Our blind spots are called that for a reason, because we can't see them and when I'm guided to move beyond anything that's in the way, I call David for assistance, because he sees, what I am unable to see myself. This may sound simple, yet it is an incredibly profound gift that he brings through for everyone he works with.
Wanda Vitale, The Quantum Entrepreneur


Read what previous attendees have to say about Freedom From the Known.


Each one of us felt a deep connection as soon as we met David Maria. In our own time, we decided to sign-up for “Freedom from the Known”. Something that has never happened before for the three of us. We all have our own unique paths, but this time, David has really managed to get into our hearts.

It was, and still is, a very special and magical experience, of deepening of our being and mother-daughters’ connection. Throughout the course we witnessed David’s great Love, Dedication and Generosity. We learned to dive in ourselves, facing our fears and pains. Each week we could feel a new layer peeling away. We are no longer the same. Each one of us felt the process in a very unique and individual way and also as a unity. Love, Joy, Hope and Trust just grew within us.

David has been gently guiding us with so much care and affection, and to the remembrance of the magnificence of who we really are. And in this path we got the opportunity to meet the most wonderful group of people. With all, we really felt the meaning of being in a Unity Consciousness. Just perfection.

Fátima C., Andreia S., and Isabel S.

Doing this course with David has been absolutely life changing in so many ways. It opened me up to energies that I knew existed but had never personally experienced. I can literally feel the expansion of my energy body. Once integrated, these new frequencies have helped me to create greater peace, more present moment awareness, and have assisted me in overcoming a lifetime of anxiety. I highly recommend gifting yourself with this course. No doubt each person’s experience will be slightly different. But I know it’ll give you exactly what you need to continue to evolve.

Christine H.

The Freedom From the Known course is very powerful. I m still in a deep transformation process. It empowered my connection to my innermost,to Source. I can be in the position of the observer more easily. I still feel strong energy running through my whole system, in waves banging into all dense structures that are left in my physical, emotional and mental bodies, bringing me to the roots of wounds that separate me form unity consciousness. I can more and more feel the LIGHT and LOVE which is waiting for me on the other side of any wound. I just have to let go after feeling them and experiencing from all perspectives.

It is so beautiful to be here. To reveal myself is not so easy, but with David Maria, I feel welcome with all the light and darkness that is within me. I feel that here I can take the next step. It feels like one can open up to unconditional love. Thank you so much. I am deeply moved.

Elisabeth L.

It has been such a pleasure and a privilege to participate in David Maria's 'Freedom from the Known' course. David created a such beautiful field of Love, Acceptance, and Healing intention for this course, which drew a diverse group of light workers from around the world as participants.

David's guided meditations are incredibly potent and full of the wisdom of Spirit.  His voice resonates deeply as a trusted guide to take us on a series of subtle but challenging journeys towards wholeness.

I have experienced significant transformations as a result of my participation in this course: a major influx of abundance in all aspects of the word, a sense of peace and serenity, and an increased capacity to flow with the ascension energies.  I’m still integrating the lessons and the downloads from this course, and expect to see even more shifts in my life in the coming weeks and months.

I recommend this course to anyone looking to dissolve remaining barriers in the pathway on their spiritual journey to oneness.

C. H.

David Maria has taken my soul on many multidimensional journeys, during the Eden Template's Freedom From the Known course of Transformation. In the most recent journey, I was energetically taken to merge with God's Love. I felt held in infinite love, peace and joy as I gently was guided to embody these life changing frequencies. My connection to source will be forever enhanced.

(Written on Week 4 of the course) God is within us. The power of God has been awoken within me. Feels warm, I am being held, very emotional. Ascension is being uplifted into our own true selves. Putting down/releasing all that is not us and never was. Everything is going to be utterly amazing very soon. Freedom of self/ freedom of finances/ freedom of truth/ freedom of health/ freedom from evil/ freedom from persecution/ freedom of creativity/ freedom of expression/ freedom to fly.  Total Soul embodiment. Thank you David.

Wanda C.

The Freedom From the Known journey has been a very touching and enlightening experience for me. It's given me practices and tools to release painful memories (my pain body), fears, including my own and collective fears and scarcity beliefs. These practices have allowed me to ground my being while touching the higher aspects of myself in a clear natural way. I appreciate David Maria's generosity of time and energy to make sure that all the participants can be the best versions of ourselves, by releasing past life traumas and clearing our energy channels, so that ultimately we can own our lives and choices and know the Light of Love and the Face of God!

Lesa M.

After attending "Fredom from the Known" I am experiencing more Presence, Embodiment, and Sacred Power within me. This is the second time I've done the course, and I'm very grateful to have had this opportunity. The changes in me continue to be deeper, stronger and more subtle. The awareness of who I Am is clearer and the expansion seems to have no more limits - Now everything is possible!

David accompanies us at every step with so much of Love and Grace, helping us in the discovery, the inquiry, and guiding us in order to be an active and responsible subject of our own Path. Truly a Blessing!

Fátima C.

I have been blessed by learning from several remarkable spiritual teachers in this lifetime, and David Maria goes to the top of the list. His gifts, manner of relating, and depth of work are remarkable. Through his profoundly gentle manner and processes, I have reached and activated depths of my being that I simply had not believed possible. He coached me past several glaring beliefs I had held about my limitations, and he opened doors of discovery that have further expanded and deepened prior spiritual experiences that I regarded as the boundaries of my existence.

Through these processes, David helped me see that there's always more to existence than meets the mind's eye, and I am experiencing that daily as blessings of every kind come flooding in, especially the opportunity to learn about David in the first place, take his "Freedom from the Known" class, and reap the joyous benefits of discovering more and more about my essence as a manifestation of Source. I am eager to continue opening, exploring, experiencing, and expanding my power to create the life I really want, and I happily anticipate joining David in further journeys into life's infinite flow.

Dr. William Spady

Since attending the Freedom From the Known course, I have become more naturally open and aware of who I truly am. The ability to be open and aligned with honesty in all my relations has become easier for me. I'm living in a state of Grace and gratitude more often now.

Lesa M.



It is never too late to remember who you are as a Soul.
For you, that time is NOW!


David MariaThe Eden Template Activation is not so much an activation as it is a remembrance of your original Soul template or blueprint. It is an awakening to the awareness of who you are as a Soul. The activation itself is a quickening that assists you in remembering this and stabilizes that remembrance in your auric fields and body, so you begin to function quantumly in Unity Consciousness.

Since receiving and integrating the transmission to be able to share it with others, The Eden Activation, has expanded into multiple levels: the initial activation, alignment, fine-tuning of the central column in the spine, DNA activation, light & sound frequency harmonics, modulations and their overtones, and clearing distortions in the energy centers in the spinal vertebrae. The expansion is ongoing and will always continue to be fresh and new.

The new, Freedom from the Known 10-week course, is the result of this unfolding expansion.

I look forward to you joining me and others in the unknown. See you on the other side.

With love,

David Maria


David Maria is the living embodiment of the Eden Template, a deeply knowledgeable mystic, and seer. His essence is deeply gentle, nourishing, and kingly, just like his heart. Like the ancient masculine holy man, there is no judgment in David, only love and the powerful present. May your find yourself feeling more connected through David’s mystical Journey.
Elizabeth Wood, New Earth Conversations


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