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The Eden Template Phase IEden Template Activation - Phase I
April 10th With David Maria

Awaken Your Original Soul Blueprint
Online Zoom Call

Join me online via Zoom, where I will share the Eden Template activation which I received in 2018 in Mount Kenya. I received this transmission directly from the experience of activating a multidimensional master crystal aligned with the massive vortex known as Mount Kenya. Many tribes, including the Gikuyu seers/shaman who have been guardians of these energies, consider Mount Kenya to be the creation center of the planet.

Eden Template ActivationThe activation is an awakening-alignment, a re-connection to your original Soul Template - Blueprint, which over multiple lifetimes got shut down because we simply forgot in our journey into separation, that we are the eternal Divine. It opens your direct connection to Source and begins the process of aligning your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

The Eden Template is a crystalline seed, that when received and activated within your heart, begins to grow and expand. And like all seeds, once planted, their continued expansion and growth depends on being nourished. A seed in the ground needs light, warmth, nourishment, weeding, etc. in order to grow, and it is the same with the Eden Template. Once you receive it, it requires you to nourish it in the same way.

Aligning to the awareness that you are Creation itself and that you live in a multi-dimensional quantum field of incredible Joy. When your soul template is fully awakened and integrated within you, creation lives in you as you and your life will transform in ways unimaginable to your old self.

The activation will be via Zoom.

The Eden Template Activation is a powerful activation that returns you to your original Soul Template. It fully activates and clears your kundalini column or Ascension Column from your Eden Star through to your Crown Chakra while simultaneously connecting you to the crystal at the centre of Gaia and Source. All distortions are cleared in all your energy fields. The power of this activation is really beyond words and needs to be experienced. It is a shamanic, interstellar, cosmic cleanse returning you to crystalline clarity so you can embody your original Soul template! What an incredible gift! David's voice alone is an activation imparting mutlidimensional healing and alignment. David thank you so much to you and all who brought this gift to Humanity. Forever grateful!
Miranda W

What a difference in my energy fields I've noticed since the transmission. It is a really profound. It feels as though it is greeting each new layer of whatever comes up to be balanced, and just gently helps it recalibrate. It's like a spring of immaculately balanced energy, flowing in a spiral up the middle of my being and then cascading down in a toroidal fashion from the top to the bottom below me, and then back up again. Every time I connect with this place, no matter where I am, I feel myself rebalance, like my whole being resets and recalibrates back into a perfect state of being.
Brian M

Are there ever enough words to truly express the depth of this. I definitely felt...sensed...remembered...the resonance of this Transmission. It feels like I’ve been calling to this all my life…and the lead up to this transmission has been full innate preparation. Spent the day laying in the sun feet on ground, enjoying our garden. I immediately became aware of all those areas of self limitations/attachments that I saw dissolve into the earth. My whole body is vibrating differently. My awareness is definitely different. I’m not experiencing the usual sensitivities to certain scenarios.
Tammy C


It is a blessing to be of service to all of you.

Zoom Conference Call: Your registration is a Love Donation, whatever you feel and can afford. The recommended energy exchange is $55.00.

After making your energy exchange and registering you will receive the Zoom link and also confirmation text and reminder emails with the link for the Zoom call.


Freedom From the KnownFreedom from the Known: A 7 week Class of Transformation
With David Maria

Beginning Saturday April 24th at 9:00 am PST

Online Via Zoom

The Eden Template: Freedom from the Known, is a 7-week, multi-dimensionally transformative course that reconnects you to your original Soul Template, and through releasing the distortions of fear, lack and the pain body from your energy field, and rewiring your brain and nervous system, uplifts and transforms your consciousness.

Click here for more information about Freedom from the Known »

It is a blessing to be of service to all of you.

In 2021 I will be offering The Eden Template Activations monthly and bi-weekly online via Zoom, and possibly in-person, with recordings provided to re-experience and deepen at your convenience. Each months activation will also incorporate the current energy streams into it.