The Eden Template Activation

Eden Template Activation

The Eden Template Activation is not so much an activation as it is a rememberance of your original soul template or blueprint. It is an awakening to the awareness of who you are as a Soul. The activation itself is merely a quickening that assists you in remembering who you are and stabilize that remembrance in your auric field so you begin to function quantumly in Unity Consciousness.

This is not something that I "give" to you. It is already a part of you as your birthright that is sleeping or outside of your awareness. Eden is fully integrated and stabilized in me which evokes a knowing resonance with you and assists the quickening in you.

As such, Eden is not a place, it is a state of quantum multi-dimensional consciousness where every moment is new and flowing with the exquisite energies of creation.

The Eden Template Activation is freely given to anyone who wishes to receive the quickening. The activation is offered through regularly scheduled online calls and one-on-one sessions. And of course I'm always delighted to come speak with your group or organization and offer the activation as part of an afternoon or evening conversation / presentation.

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