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Online via Zoom With David Maria

From a life path that included walking through some of the darkest abusive family miasms imaginable, I transformed / remembered myself into wholeness (with the immense help and support of innumerable friends and teachers) and continued to walk the path of embodiment. In 2018 I walked fully into my destiny while attending the annual prayer walk circumambulating Mount Kirinyaga (Kenya) and of course, as it is for all of us, it took me completely by surprise and was not what I expected.

Walking the path now means that everything that I thought about who I am was stripped away, until in it's rawness, there is no longer any point of separate identity left anymore, and what is left is unimaginable joy.

Now every moment is an adventure in consciousness and discovery and continuing clearing any ghost remnants of old programming that remain and discovering new ways to be of service to everyone.

It is a blessing to be of service to all of you.

Eden Template Activation

The Eden Template activation to reconnect to your original Soul Template is freely offered to anyone who wishes to receive it. I'm offering the activation online through Zoom on August 18 at 11:11am Pacific time. I look forward to joining with you then.

The cost for the online activation is $33.33.

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